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Morning Star Studio specializes in multi-faceted communications productions.

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The DVDs

Steve’s Show – an offering completed in 2003 that tells the story of the popular teen dance party that pre-dated American Bandstand on KTHV, Channel 11 in Little Rock.
The Lost Year – the most recent documentary completed in 2007, chronicling the events and the memories of the students who were locked out of their high schools in Little Rock following the Crisis at Central High year, the school year 1958 – 1959.
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The Giants Wore White Gloves - the incredible story of the courageous members of the Women’s Emergency Committee to Open Our Schools. These women were largely responsible for the re-opening of the Little Rock High Schools in 1959 – 1960.

"The Archives" relates to Hubbard saving a national broadcasting affiliate's news archives that they were destroying. Hubbard became aware of the travesty to Arkansas History, saved the archives from 1982 - 1994. Mainly the Clinton years. Inquiries invited.

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More about Hubbard and Morning Star Studio:

From her early career beginning with her opening of her first business in the late ‘70’s to her development of Morning Star Studio, the award winning production house, Hubbard has worked her way up the ladder of the television industry.

She became Little Rock’s first female photographer in the early 1980’s, and went on to produce projects for the major advertising agencies and photographers into the 1990’s. Hubbard has worked with every major television network in the country, and several international networks. Her work in commercial television production has included every major business corporation, financial institution, medical facility and real estate agency in Arkansas.

Mary Steenburgen hired Hubbard to be Casting Director for the feature film,”End of the Line.” Made in Arkansas in 1986, the film featured Steenburgen, Kevin Bacon and Holly Hunter. ABC Circle Films also employed Hubbard to cast and wardrobe the Arkansas mini-series AMERIKA back in the ‘80’s. Hubbard went on to produce and direct innumerable projects in the state of Arkansas and beyond.

Her work has been honored on numerous occasions, with countless local and regional Addy Awards. National honors include the “Gracie Award” given by The National Association of Women in Television and Film Foundation. This award, presented at New York’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, was a highlight of Hubbard’s career.

After 20 years working with advertising agencies in Arkansas, Hubbard turned her talents to documentary filmmaking in 1993, when she decided to tell the story of the Women’s Emergency Committee. That started her on her path of documentary filmmaking. She has been an active member of the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival Screening Committee since the early ‘90’s, and has served on their National Advisory Board.

Sandra Hubbard is particularly pleased to offer these documentaries and archives to schools, universities, libraries, historical societies, individuals and communications companies.