Steve’s Show

The early days of TV rock ’n’ roll are the time capsule of Steve’s Show. This phenomenally successful show­--produced in Little Rock, Arkansas, before Dick Clark’s American Bandstand--became a fifties’ icon and rite of passage into young adulthood for a generation of Arkansas teenagers.

The show drew such large crowds that admission tickets were counterfeited! The show’s regulars, “Steverinos,” were statewide celebrities.

Stars like Liberace, the Beverly Hillbillies, Brenda Lee, Johnny Cash, Fabian, Charlie Rich and Tommy Sands made regular appearances on Steve’s Show.

Sandra Hubbard, award-winning documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, and Steve Stephens.

Steve Stephens, the popular and energetic host, was selected as Arkansas’ Top Television Personality every year from 1957-1961.
Surprise guests in the Steve’s Show documentary include “Steverinos” Ret. General Wesley Clark, former President Bill Clinton and CNN newscaster Bob Franken.

Before there was Dick Clark’s American Bandstand there was Steve’s Show from Little Rock, Arkansas!

Steve Stephens himself narrates the rowdy rollicking origins of the original studio dance show.
Meet the local kids who became “stars,” the celebrity Guest Stars who dropped by to visit, and relive the dance moves and music from the early days of TV and Rock ’n’ Roll!

One of Stevo’s early “Steverinos” became President of the United States! (He’s here too.)

2003 Hot Springs Documentary Filmmakers.

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